Africa…My Muse


It’s amazing what different environments will allow u to birth. We are all creators in some capacity! Today, I went to the southern most tip of Africa and reached a new height in my creativity. I birthed things I didn’t know was there. I wrote 3 poems! Keep in mind I have 7 blog post including this one. I’ve  never written a poem a day in my life outside, “Roses are Red, Violets are blue…” and I can’t lay claim to that phrase. But the words I produced today belong to me and the southern most tip of Africa. Thank you Motherland.
Ok…here goes nothing! I’m a writer. Whew, there I said it! It was an overwhelming feeling.  I just allowed it to happen. I didn’t attempt to confine myself to a blog post. It was something outside my blog post there and I allowed it to happen. I lived in a moment that produced a confidence and comfort for other moments. Will I ever right another poem again? Do I believe I’m capable of writing another poem? Are they good poems? All of these questions are irrelevant. Why? Because they’ve happened and energy focused on reproduction is misfocused energy. Be a vessel for opportunity and your opportunities are endless. I believe we limit ourselves in search for perfection and opportunity. My intention is not to say we shouldn’t focus on goals and seize opportunities, but my hope is that were not so focused on the the goal that we miss opportunities in between the goals. The “in-between” opportunities are contributions to the journey to our goals. Sometimes what we feel is an “in-between” moment is really a goal achieved that you unconsciously set for yourself. What I mean by that statement is this; I believe when we set goals, we don’t have the ability to understand what goals we will achieve along the way, or what set-backs will propel us to our goals. We have no way of knowing what the future will hold. So, in the meantime, allow yourself to be a vessel of opportunity and create. You can recreate an event, but you can’t recreate that initial  feeling. You can feel something twice, but you can never feel that feeling for the first time again. That feeling has then become a feeling of the past you are attempting to recreate. “Re” means to do again, implying something has been done before. Learn to be. Live in the moment! A lifetime is a collection of moments that can’t be reproduced in its initial capacity. Are you being a vessel or hindrance to your next moment?

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