Flowers or Weeds?


As I was walking through the Kalahari Desert in the great South Africa enjoying the unrivaled beauty of the red sand, kudu, springbok, and eland…just to name a few. These are things while surprising weren’t unexpected. I was hoping to see them all. The two most unexpected things I see are flowers in the desert. Yes, beautifully bloomed flowers in the desert. I was astonished that these beautiful flowers were in the desert in autumn were temperatures can reach the negatives during this time. This is proof that you bloom whenever and wherever you are intended to do so. I could put a rose in the exact same place at the exact time and not yield the same results. So often in today’s society we often try to emulate and compare ourselves to each other, which in the long and short-term results in us being frustrated with ourselves. Understanding that what may appear to be a great place for someone else can be a horrible place for you. We can’t compare our valley to someone else’s mountain top. You’re being unfair to yourself! Some of the roughest events in our life produce some of the most beautiful accomplishments in life. So, at the end of the day, my advice to us all is to simply just BE and enjoy being! Trust that you are where you are supposed to be when you’re supposed to be.

My intention is not that you not be motivation to others or allow yourself to be motivated by others, but to understand we all bloom in different places that may not be suitable for others. Your timing is your timing and your season is your season. Your place is your place.

After all, I learned that one of the flowers that were beautifully bloomed is actually a weed. What appears to be someone’s mountain top may actually be a valley. Who are you allowing to influence your perspective of you and your life? Flowers or weeds? As we can see what may appear to be a flower is actually just a weed, and it’s hard to tell the difference.

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