The Self Care Boutique

This morning started like mornings that are familiar to me. I woke up with a little bit of anxiety. Not abnormal, somewhat expected since The Self Care Boutique is launching soon, and I launched a full-time psychotherapy private practice eight months ago. I have oblong heating pad (I think it’s filled with buckwheat, not sure)Continue reading “The Self Care Boutique”

Openly Black in America

 For so long black people have tried to be seen and heard in a country that was not built for our voice.  Burdened with finding balance in the workplace, grocery store, and anywhere outside of the confines of our own home.  Constantly concerned if our hair, walk, vocabulary, approach, delivery or attitude was “too black”Continue reading “Openly Black in America”

Through the Eyes of a Civilian Psychotherapist

Over the past year and a half I’ve had the privilege to exclusively serve United States Veterans as a civilian psychotherapist. I will purposely make the distinction that I am a civilian, because it is important to understand. Yes, I’m aware that the military has a culture of its own, yes I have close familyContinue reading “Through the Eyes of a Civilian Psychotherapist”

The Side Effects of Self Care Include…

“We [psychotherapist] fit everywhere, and nowhere.” We’re the chameleons of social settings.”