Application is Key

Once we gain knowledge there are a two things that can happen. We can accept it or reject it and file it away.

Once a person has been informed they will decide what to do. The decision may not be immediate, but a decision is made. What is meant by “reject it and file it away”? The belief is once we hear information it can resurface when needed. It may require some assistance, but it’s there! Assistance, meaning a sequence of events, smell, or just a simple word can help bring information to a place where it becomes accessible for application.

Accepting in this situation implies application at some point. Change requires a shift in not only thinking, but the way we live our lives and how we view our position in life. Intentional change requires a level of discomfort in the current position, which is personally defined by the individual. Side note: No other personal can determine our level of discomfort for intentional change. One can’t be comfortable in an uncomfortable place and expect change. Yes, we can be comfortable in chaos! Why? Because that’s all we know. We don’t sometimes have knowledge of different; therefore we are unable to do something different, and it’s okay! When we are consciously or unconsciously ready for change we will seek the knowledge to apply to promote change. Intentional change can be as uncomfortable as “natural change”. However, we will accept temporary discomfort for an experience with comfort. When a person acquires knowledge, this doesn’t mean they’ve acquired change. Knowledge is the gateway to change, the repeated application of knowledge is change.

As a therapist I am privileged and humbled to experience others journey to and through intentional change. Any time someone shows up to therapy I believe there is a piece of them; no matter how big or small is wanting knowledge to be awakened for repeated application.

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