The Perception of Perfection

It’s amazing how issues linger or the residual feelings from them becomes increasingly present. Sometimes we forget that our issues require life long maintenance. The cost and feelings associated may decrease, but it doesn’t always mean they’re gone. They present themselves differently!
In life you can say that the stereotypical idea of perfection is unattainable. Stereotypical in the sense that everything is the way someone (i.e social media, television, society, and again social media) else has consciously or unconsciously told you life is “supposed” to happen to and for you. Including timeframes feelings and emotions associated with the unfolding of life. Although you can conceptualize this isn’t possible; it doesn’t prevent you from striving to attain stereotypical perfection. In turn, often allowing situations to dictate how you feel about your path when something unexpected happens. Problems exist and life happens, it’s about how you handle the maintenance phases is what’s important. Personal versions of perfection accepts what’s is, adjust accordingly, and try not to stay in the sense of perfection that was created for you. Adjust your focus and perception of what is; the issue may always exist in some shape or form, however the shape and form depends heavily on your perception. The role and influence an issue plays in your life can be crucial to your peace and overall happiness.
Are you living your version of perfection or the stereotypical version of perfection? The situation may not be “just the way it is”, it’s may just be your perception. What’s your view of your personal perfection? How do you see you… what’s your reality? Most importantly, it’s about what works for you, and what coincides with your personal goals.

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