The Side Effects of Self Care Include…

“We [psychotherapist] fit everywhere, and nowhere.” We’re the chameleons of social settings.”

Flowers or Weeds?

As I was walking through the Kalahari Desert in the great South Africa enjoying the unrivaled beauty of the red sand, kudu, springbok, and eland…just to name a few. These are things while surprising weren’t unexpected. I was hoping to see them all. The two most unexpected things I see are flowers in the desert.Continue reading “Flowers or Weeds?”

Does the Clock Define You?

I had the privilege of listening to a presentation entitled: Talk about Time: Why We Fail at Work-Life Balance, given by, Dawna Ballard, Ph.D. I went into this thinking it was going to be a stereotypical motivational speech on how to fit more into my already packed day, and I was ready to hear itContinue reading “Does the Clock Define You?”

Who Needs Boundaries?!

Please allow me to preface this by saying…I am boundary pusher! I don’t know how to not push boundaries. I can contribute ignoring boundaries to things I consider successes in my life. My caregivers and friends can attest to me being a boundary pusher my entire life. My “No” and “Yes” receptors must be confused.Continue reading “Who Needs Boundaries?!”