The Side Effects of Self Care Include…

“We [psychotherapist] fit everywhere, and nowhere.” We’re the chameleons of social settings.”

Flowers or Weeds?

As I was walking through the Kalahari Desert in the great South Africa enjoying the unrivaled beauty of the red sand, kudu, springbok, and eland…just to name a few. These are things while surprising weren’t unexpected. I was hoping to see them all. The two most unexpected things I see are flowers in the desert.Continue reading “Flowers or Weeds?”

Does the Clock Define You?

I had the privilege of listening to a presentation entitled: Talk about Time: Why We Fail at Work-Life Balance, given by, Dawna Ballard, Ph.D. I went into this thinking it was going to be a stereotypical motivational speech on how to fit more into my already packed day, and I was ready to hear itContinue reading “Does the Clock Define You?”

Who Needs Boundaries?!

Please allow me to preface this by saying…I am boundary pusher! I don’t know how to not push boundaries. I can contribute ignoring boundaries to things I consider successes in my life. My caregivers and friends can attest to me being a boundary pusher my entire life. My “No” and “Yes” receptors must be confused.Continue reading “Who Needs Boundaries?!”

The Relationship isn’t About You!

First, let me acknowledge that anyone who is a part of the helping field in any capacity are unique and awesome people! I may be a little biased. We devote ourselves to helping others and give tirelessly, while having to be reminded to take care of ourselves. It isn’t an easy thing to do orContinue reading “The Relationship isn’t About You!”